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Help us raise 120k in 120 Days

"Without your support, we may cease to operate."

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  • HHUGS is the only UK registered charity to provide support to families impacted by detention
  • Our current operations extend to 185 households - over 400 individuals
  • Only 2 months non-zakah funds remain
  • Arrests  at a record high – 70% increase
  • 379 new families affected in the past year alone 
  • Currently unable to meet the rising demand for support 
  • Without your support, we may cease to operate.

As a small charity, not in receipt of government or grant funding, HHUGS is entirely reliant upon grassroots support to assist vulnerable women, children and elderly parents in our communities. Given the nature of our work, this can be an uphill task comparatively, with many doors and avenues traditionally open to charities, being closed to us.

Sadly, Ramadhan was not as successful as anticipated in generating the necessary funds to sustain our work for the coming year.  Many valuable causes in the international arena coupled with local tragedies captured the attention of the community, but unfortunately meant that our unique work with those already neglected and marginalized families on our doorstep, was overlooked. Subsequently, we are left with only 2 months non zakah-funds remaining. Without further assistance, we won't be able to extend the current provision to all who need our help. Without your support, we may cease to operate.

With arrests escalating to a record high in the past year, exceeding the rate of one a day, the need for our services becomes ever more acute, and we require greater resources to match our growing beneficiary base. That's an increase of 379 newly affected households impacted and potentially in need of HHUGS’ services in the past year alone - for us to give each of those families even a single one-off grant, would require an additional 95k. To provide additional and ongoing support to those recently impacted, further resources would be required. 

Our work is unique. Whilst there are dozens of charities mutually working in various other fields and regions, there is simply no other charity doing this work in the UK or abroad; if we cease to exist, there is no other organisation providing services to this sector of the community who would step in to replace HHUGS. When a cause is neglected then the obligation upon us to uphold it and the reward therein is even greater. And when the beneficiaries are on our doorstep and close to home, the obligation is greatest on those closest in proximity to them.

We call upon your generosity so we can continue relieving hardship, restoring hope and rebuilding lives in the year ahead. 


If Fundraising is your forte, then read on.

We need your help in the next 60 days to keep HHUGS alive:

-          Raise £1000 for HHUGS

-          Raise £500 for HHUGS

-          Raise £200 for HHUGS

For the past 2 months, we have appealed to the community to sustain HHUGS, but have raised just under 10k of a 120k target.

Now we’re calling on our energetic and passionate supporters across the globe with a simple request – we make the page, you share with your contacts and together we keep HHUGS alive.

For the past 13 years, HHUGS has supported over 300 families, equivalent to over 1200 individuals relying solely on the support of the community.  Women, children, the elderly, desperately seeking support but whom are shunned by their friends, their community, even their own family. Where no one else has answered their cries for help, HHUGS has responded.

Year in and year out, with the support of this community, we have continued to grow, experiencing the peak of your generosity every year during Ramadhan.

We are once again calling on our community, the community that has generously supported us for the past 13 years, to help us get out of our current predicament. Be it £200, £500 or £1000, we’re confident you can reach your goal. We know it can seem daunting, but we will be there every step of the way.

Help us reach 120K

How can I raise the money?

The Prophet (saw) encouraged us to aim high in all that we do, so we’re encouraging our more seasoned fundraisers to aim for £1000 – that’s 20 friends donating £50.

Many first-time fundraisers in the past have doubted they could raise £300 or £500 but with sincere intentions, du’a and the help of Allah they went to raise £1000 in the space of a few days.

If that however seems too daunting, why not try £500 or £200 -  it’s really as simple as getting 20 friends donating £10.

The simplest method is to set up a JustGiving page to collect your funds, or to make it that much easier, we can do that for you! 

Create your Page


Select “Start Fundraising”

Select “Personal Challenge”

Enter the information and once finished press “Create Your Page

Click here if you’d like us to create the page for you.

You can then send this page to friends, family, work mates, fellow students.


We‘ll even create a text giving code so that your friends and family can donate effortlessly via SMS.

We’re on hand to support and encourage you at every stage, and if you’re not a confident wordsmith, we can provide template messages for you to share if you’re short of ideas.  Remember to use all means at your disposal to share your page – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and SMS. Some even made videos to encourage people, and got their parents and children to compete with them in the process! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fundraiser, this method is tried and tested.If you’re not so social media savvy and prefer more traditional methods, the good thing is, there are so many ways to raise funds. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for a complete A-Z of unique fundraising ideas, simple steps to fundraising success, how to stay safe and more!  You can also simply request a penny box by calling 0207 733 2104 or emailing