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"Sadly, this Ramadhan has not been as successful as the last, or as we had anticipated, leaving us with 60% of our target remaining to be raised. "



This Ramadhan, we need your support to sustain our work, so we can continue relieving hardship and rebuilding lives.


  • HHUGS is the only UK registered charity to provide support to families impacted by detention
  • Our current operations extend to 175 households, and over 400 individuals
  • 304 new families affected in the past year alone 
  • Currently unable to meet the rising demand for support 
  • 60% of target yet to be raised.
  • Without your support, we may cease to operate.


As a small charity, not in receipt of government or grant funding, HHUGS is entirely reliant upon grassroots ‎support to assist families in need. Given the nature of our work, this can be an uphill task comparatively, with many doors and avenues traditionally open to charities, being closed to us. With the obligation of distributing all zakah funds locally within one year of receiving them, by the time we reach Ramadhan, our resources are running low.  Since the generosity of our supporters is at their peak in this blessed month, we rely each year upon a successful Ramadhan to replenish funds and to allow us to sustain our work for the year ahead and expand our services. With Allah's help and that of our generous supporters, we have successfully achieved that and seen growth each year.


With arrests escalating to a record high and now occurring at the rate of one per day, the need for our services becomes ever more acute, and we require greater resources to match our growing beneficiary base. That's an increase of 304 households potentially reaching out to HHUGS in the past year alone - for us to give each of those families even a one-off grant, would require an additional 76k. To provide additional and ongoing support, further resources would be required. 


Sadly, this Ramadhan has not been as successful as the last, or as we had anticipated, leaving us with 60% of our target remaining to be raised. Many valuable causes in the international arena coupled with local tragedies have captured the attention of the community, but this has meant that our unique work with those already neglected and marginalized, has been overlooked. With the help of our supporters, we have hitherto raised enough to sustain our operations at their current level for a further 5 months only. 


Without further assistance, we won't be able to extend the current provision to all who need our help and may cease to operate.

Our work is unique - whilst there are dozens of charities mutually working in various other fields and regions, there is simply no other charity doing this work in the UK or abroad; if we were to cease to exist there is no organisation providing services to this sector of the community who would step in to replace HHUGS. When a cause is neglected then the obligation upon us to uphold it and the reward therein is even greater. And when the beneficiaries are on our doorstep and close to home, the obligation is greatest on those closest in proximity to them.


In the final days of this blessed month, we call upon your generosity so we can continue relieving hardship, restoring hope and rebuilding lives in the year ahead. 


Donate in its precious days where are deeds are raised to Him during our fasts, to make up for our shortcomings, to give this month it's best ending. Donate during its nights, amid which is one equal to a thousand months, or 83 years of continuous worship.


Giving £50 on this night could be as if you had given 1.5 million

Giving £‎100, as if you gave 3 million

Giving £250‎, as if you gave 7.5 million.


If you're not in a position to give, sustain our work by fundraising. Register your interest here 
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