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The gift of a lifetime

HHUGS Education Fund

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. (Nelson Mandela)

The HHUGS Education Fund is a much-needed initiative to help vulnerable families gain the skills and qualifications necessary to become self-sufficient and for a brighter future.   

Universally, education is one of the most powerful tools of empowerment we have. This is as true for families who live in urban poverty in the UK as it is anywhere else in the world. The cycle of poverty is an unforgiving trap where opportunities to improve your life’s chances are limited. Lack of access to education, social isolation, inability to access careers guidance and traumatic life events often leave grave social, mental and financial strain on entire families.

Break the Cycle -  Heal the Trauma

For the families of the prisoners, it is not simply poverty alone which holds them back. Already traumatised by raids and grappling internally with grief and anger over the detention of their fathers, children commonly face bullying in the playground, leaving them demotivated to learn or attend school, making their academic prospects and future bleak. Such children are already three times more at risk than their peers of committing anti-social or delinquent behaviour and more than twice as likely to experience mental health issues. Frequent transfers and relocating families result in a loss of friendship groups and a disruption to their education. With inflexible visiting times and prisons far from home, parents are often left with no alternative but to take a child out of school to visit their father or mother. The emotional and physical reaction to the loss of a parent to prison has been likened to bereavement, so it’s unsurprising to learn it leads tohigher levels of truancy, poor academic achievement, and behavioural problems in school.Tragically, 65% of boys with a convicted parent go on to offend.

The families we serve at HHUGS live in these realities and the future can often seem bleak and hopeless. However, simple interventions can dramatically improve a family’s prospects. Through Education Fund, we aim to encourage families to become self-sufficient for the long term, providing the necessary education and skills training needed for better financial, social and personal conditions for all.


Buds of hope already in bloom: how education has already brightened futures

“When my husband was first arrested, everybody at my children’s school found out and the bullying began immediately. They were treated like sudden outcasts and feared going to school. Their grades were affected, they became withdrawn and hopeless. Their father was taken away during their exam time- yet with our laptop, even coursework and practice papers confiscated by the police, the children had little resources to even revise from... With the support of HHUGS, the children slowly grew more confident. Their grades began to return to a high standard. It has given them a whole new lease of life. It can be completely devastating otherwise.”


Our Passport to a Brighter Future

You can help provide a truly priceless gift in the following ways:

•        Sponsor a child to learn Qur’an: £100 
Invest in their spiritual education. Invest in their Hereafter.
"The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an  and teach it to others” [Al-Bukhari]

•         Sponsor a child's education: £250 
From tuition fees, to essential text books, and resources to give them a brighter future. 

“Hanna was in the bottom group; after taking tuition, she has progressed to the middle group. Iman was also in a very low group; now she's been put into the second highest set. Both are in the highest group for literacy… their English has become perfect.”

For the wives of prisoners and former detainees, lack of education and training, insufficient funding, social isolation and lack of family or community support for childcare, inability to access careers guidance, the reluctance of employers to hire those tarnished with the terrorism tag, all make the process of attaining financial independence far more challenging. For those recently released, failure to find employment can have a devastating impact on their esteem and their mental health, and consequently their relationship with their wives and children.

Give the gift of skills which keep paying life-long

Empower a Sister: £500
From English lessons to integrate with society, to educational/vocational courses, and skills training to enable them to provide for their families

“I didn’t know any English at all. It was very hard to enrol due to lack of English and lack of funds. I really needed it to be able to deal with my children's school and doctors and found it difficult to deal with them. If HHUGS didn’t pay for my course I would never have been able to learn English nor be able to deal with any English speaking people.”


·         Resettle a Former Detainee: £2000 
Rebuild their lives by enabling themto re-enter the workplace, thereby boosting their esteem and confidence to create financially stable and happier homes in the long term.

"The financial and emotional stress really took its toll on me and I fell into deep depression. HHUGS encouraged me and financed the courses necessary for me to retrain in IT. Even though I had lost my confidence and doubted my ability, HHUGS continually encouraged me until I was finally able to start working and support my wife and children again. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have survived the emotional trauma I went through.”

·         Sponsor a SIAC Detainee - £1000
Detention under house arrest entails an extremely restricted existence where funds and access to educational and even social opportunities are severely limited, having a grave impact on their mental health. Educational opportunities are often their only bridge to the outside world and their sole outlet from acute isolation.


"When I was released, I applied to universities but received a lot of rejections. Everyone noticed the difference and impact the help from HHUGS has had on me. Now I am in my third year, doing my dissertation. Time was tight due to the curfew, I am banned from using the internet, but I have books and access to the library. This was an investment, not just for myself, but my family, the local community and the wider society.”

£350 - Sponsor a Spiritual Retreat -Revive and uplift the families, giving them the opportunity to develop themselves, recuperate from the strains of daily life and escape from social isolation.


“Whoever goes out seeking knowledge is in the path of Allah until he returns.”(at-Tirmidhi)

Donate online:
Text EDUC63 £10 to 70070
Call 0207 733 2104