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The Farooqui family


“I would say it is wrong of us not to join HHUGS especially as Muslims it’s our duty on every Muslim, it’s a Sunnah of Rasollolah SAW, its exactly what he did, the believers at the time of the prophet, they were boycotted for 3 years and they ate leaves, we live in luxury compared to them, if we don’t help people in difficult situations today it’s disgraceful and I can’t stand to think how we will be able to stand in front of Allaah and account for such a deed. HHUGS makes it possible to help people in difficulty, even though it’s a small difficulty, compared to what the prophets and sahabas went through, it’s through organisations like HHUGS that we can make it possible, on the day of resurrection I can say I tried, I tried to help them even if its shopping, a drive to a prison it might be a bit of difficulty it might be a bit of separation from your family but only in the hereafter you will be able to see the fruits of this deed.”

(Munir Farooqui’s daughter)