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  HHUGS is launching its Breakfast campaign: #BreakfastForHHUGS

As part of the campaign our first breakfast will be on the 28th April 2017 at Club Jasmins, Tooting. Drop off your kids to school and join us for breakfast before Jumuah!

The menu will include:

  • A Lebanese breakfast - Maghmour (aubergine dish), Manakish (flat bread with mince and zataar/herbs), Foul (contains broad beans and chick peas) and Fatayar ( spinach and feta rolls), mixed olives and sweet dish is Basbousa)

  • Desi Delight breakfast - Chaney, Halwa and puri

You have the option of purchasing additional items from an alternative menu on the day.

A chance to meet up with others over breakfast for a great cause! There will be stalls to shop at and you have a chance to socialize.

Date and Time