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So what does HHUGS do?

“Alhamdulillah hugs are really good mashallah and give you help straight away when you ask for it.People should support organisations such as HHUGS as they are one of the only few organisations out there who are supporting prisoners and their families and it is our duty to do the least we can do, such as make dua for them, write to them, visit them, support their families in whatever way we can. HHHUGS help to support families financially by giving them the confidence and means to gain skills to help them be able to cope without their husbands and for some even family support, they can help one learn how to drive, pay for courses etc. so that you are able to help support your family.”

(A beneficiary)


“HHUGS has helped me attend ESOL courses, which is a strong passion of mine and helps with my depression. I really enjoy the gatherings and I ask for more all the time. I am very happy with HHUGS and what they have done for me.”

 (Umm S)


“HHUGS helped a lot when I was attending a course and needed help with school pickups for my children. They are always there offering support and I feel I can ask whenever I need something.” 

(Umm Hira)