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I am grateful for HHUGS

“I was happy… I was grateful. We had no support whatsoever, most of the comments from people were negative, I was very happy and very grateful… They’ve arranged transport for prison visits they were really good mA, nearly every week they arrange transport, they’ve paid for my college courses, trips, days out with the kids and any sort of financial help they’ve always been there.”

(Maryam Bibi- sister of detainee)


“HHUGS are always there when I need them and do not let me down.”

(Umm Sara)


"Alhamdulillah, I am really happy with the services. HHUGS are doing things that no other organisation is doing and they are supportive in different ways. They have a lovely sister supporting me who is doing it for the sake of Allaah. All the people are lovely Mashaa'Allaah and very helpful. Jazakumullahu Khairan."

(Detainee's wife)