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We pray Allah causes these deeds to be a light for you on a Day that will be filled with darkness, and an intercessor for you, making heavy your scale of deeds and being the means of you entering Jannatul-Firdaws, Ameen.


“Eid is not for the one who wears new clothes. Eid is for the one whose obedience rises.” (Ibn Rajab)

If you were unable to donate previously, you can still contribute towards making this a special day for the HHUGS families:

Deliver Gifts Of Joy: Eid Presents For A Child £10

For A Family £50

Just as we prepare gifts for our friends and families, show that little bit of love for the home next door too.

The joy a thoughtful present will bring is a beautiful investment to make.

Share The Happiness Together: Unite A Family For Eid £50 

With prisons remote and visiting times limited, seeing your loved one in prison can be a stressful affair. Enable a family to mark this blessed occasion together, and physically share the happiness in-person.

Create Unforgettable Memories: Host an Eid Extravaganza £350 

An Eid Extravaganza brings together isolated families who would otherwise have no plans for the day and brings special delight to children who now have something to look forward to. Your donation will cover the cost of venue hire, catering and activities for children ranging from face-painters, bouncy castles and entertainers for the day.

Farewell to Ramadhan

O Ramadan be gentle, the tears of the believers pour fourth, and their hearts are anxious from the pain of separation. And why shouldn't the tears flow from the believer upon the parting (of Ramadan) whilst he knows not whether he shall live to see its return... (Ibn Rajab)

We may have no choice but to bid a sad farewell to Ramadhan and its immense blessings, but the opportunities for goodness and rewards remain all year round.

Remember that if the month of Ramadan was a chance for worship and getting closer to Allah then that opportunity remains and the doors of Mercy remain open.

Indeed, the sign of an accepted Ramadhan, is remaining firm upon obedience and continuing upon good deeds throughout the rest of the year.  The deeds He loves are those which are regular, even if small.

You can continue to support families throughout the upcoming months, reassuring them that whilst Ramadhan may be over, but they are still not alone.

Relieve Hardship: Heal a Sister - £50 
A session of professional, tailored counselling for wives and mothers traumatised by raids and detention.

Restore Dignity: Sponsor a Family - £250 per month
Food vouchers and core financial support to help our most needy families survive throughout the year.

Empower Families: Help Single Mothers Back On Their Feet - £500
Make a lasting change and empower the women left behind to become independent and self- sufficient, by funding driving lessons, educational or vocational courses.

Donate online @
or text "RAMD47 £10" to 70070
or Call 0207 733 2104 during office hours
or 0118 909 8462 8am-8pm weekdays, 8:30am-6pm Saturday and 10-4 Sunday