Breakfast FOR HHUGS Meet the Siddiqui Family A family's struggle to survive Isa's Story Fundraising Manager

Breakfast FOR HHUGS

Why not add a little twist to your family breakfast or brunch? At HHUGS, we’re launching our breakfast campaign #BreakfastForHHUGS and we need your ... more

Meet the Siddiqui Family

“The nightmare, the trauma, it’s never ending. I could be here for days explaining how difficult it was, especially what the women went through.... more

A family's struggle to survive

The everyday family life of Khwala and her children were abruptly disrupted. Her mind still races back to that night, the recollection of vivid images... more

Isa's Story

Isa came to the UK in 2005, seeking a better future, and for the past few years, has been studying in University. A devoted father who had home educa... more

Fundraising Manager

The Fundraising Manager will be responsible for developing and executing the fundraising and donor management strategy for HHUGS for it to fulfil its ... more
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